How hypnotherapy can help you...

Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to make positive, lasting changes to your life.
Old unwanted patterns of behaviour, such as smoking, obesity, addiction and phobias, can be removed and new, desired behaviours implemented, all at an amazing pace.
Many health issues such as stress, migraine, insomnia, depression, IBS, skin conditions, chronic pain and many other issues can all be treated using hypnotherapy.
Furthermore hypnotherapy can also help to enhance many positive issues to improve life, such as increased confidence, levels of success & happiness and enhance sports ability, reduce stress levels and improve relaxation


Do you know how to diet but cant seem to stick to it?

Does part of you wish to stop smoking but another part isnt sure?

Do you wish to remain calm and relaxed in situations where your presently anxious?

Hypnotherapy can help with all these issue and much more...
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Amanda works from the following clinics...

    Bell Counselling
    First Floor Office Suite
    Salendine Nook Shopping Centre
    144 Moor Hill Road
    Salendine Nook
    HD3 3XA

    Barnsley Chiropractic Clinic
    45 High Street
    S75 3RF

    Churchfield Dental Centre
    1 Victoria Crescent
    S75 2AE